Solutions and services

Supply and trading of petroleum products and related activities have formed the primary business of Sustain since formation.


Representation in the major global energy ‘hubs' together with an established presence and wide industry network enables Sustain to engage the oil markets effectively and continuously worldwide.


Established associations with 1st class international banks, enable Sustain to offer a variety of structured trade financing arrangements to fit client requirements. These extend to refined product trading contracts.


Sustain combines physical trading activity with a range of sophisticated risk management instruments and practices in developing transactions with the intention of mitigating risk for ourselves and counter-parties.


We ‘customise' trading transactions to client or counter-party requirements in order to maximise value for all.


Sustain regularly transacts with a wide variety of industry participants from the major international oil companies to Government entities, smaller independent producers and refiners, and oil and energy traders.


Transactions vary from single cargo spot deals to multi-cargo term contracts and, where appropriate, joint venture risk and benefit sharing arrangements.


Sustain aims to offer creative proposals to add value and manage risk across a broad range of oil related transactions, whether as a buyer, seller or joint venture partner.